The Power of an End-to-End Drug Development Solution

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How can a lifecycle mindset accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of innovative drugs and other therapies? “There's a real competitive landscape out there when it comes to drug development, and it makes sense for everybody in this equation to get the best out of ensuring that a treatment coming to the market has the best chance of getting there,” explains Bharat Chudasama, Vice President, Syneos One® at Syneos Health. “The product development mindset says: We need to get this treatment prescribed. In order for me to get that treatment prescribed, I need to think about if payers are going to be willing to pay for it. In order for those payers to pay for it, they need to be able to see the evidentiary benefit to patients, to the system, in terms of safety and everything else.

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Bharat Chudasama
Vice President, Syneos One®️, Syneos Health