Virus Variants No Threat to Vaccine Safety

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    In early 2021, millions of people began receiving vaccinations to prevent COVID-19 infection. This global rollout of vaccinations in such a relatively short timeframe, complicated by virus variants emerging in many countries, presents enormous and previously unseen challenges to professionals working to ensure the safety of these vaccines. “The virus is still adapting itself to be sure that it can still reproduce although there are many people that are vaccinated,” explains Jerome Premmereur, Head of Global Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance, Covance Patient Safety Solutions. “So far, so good. When you look at the British one and the British numbers, we identify quickly that when there is nearly only one variant, it is really impacted by the vaccine.” Similar stories in different countries and different vaccines (i.e., Israel and Pfizer vaccine) have also been observed.

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Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold