Digital Business Transformation: Technology Plus Culture Equals Innovation

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The power of emerging technologies and data (re)use can help organizations transform business processes, respond to rapid market development, and decrease time to market. “Transformation of the business is related to being able to reuse your data and your documents to optimize the process,” explains Michael Agard, NNIT Managing Consultant for US. “Most companies focus on their internal business users, meeting the needs of their requirements. It really takes an outward look to the patients and the investigators: How can we support their journey?” “We see data-driven technology-enabled clinical trial conduct as being core for how we want to use digital technology to improve our clinical development,” continues Franciska Darmer, Advisory Director, Global Head of Clinical, NNIT. “Technology is just one component of that transformation. It's much more focused on developing a culture of ongoing innovation. Technology is there to enable us as part of the business transformation. It's extremely important to focus on not just the technology, not just business transformation via optimization, but focus on developing this culture of innovation.”

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Michael Agard
Managing Consultant for US
Franciska Darmer
Advisory Director, Global Head of Clinical

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