CTMS Key to Unlocking Clinical Data Power

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Clinical trial management systems (CTMS), which have historically been large clinical data repository and management systems, are responding to changes in research necessitated by the pandemic. “We demand data to work much harder for us now. We want things to be intuitive and at our fingertips. We firmly believe a CTMS solution shouldn’t be any different. Data needs to work hard to support the client's business, provide a seamless, interoperable solution that users and stakeholders find intuitive and drive the success and velocity of the clinical trial,” suggests Serena Barker, Vice President, eClinical Operations for Calyx. “We see CTMS as just one of a number of important components that now exist in a much more integrated and interoperable system that spans everything from the drug discovery process, trial operations (where the CTMS sits), through sales, marketing enablement, and all the way into manufacturing,” concurs Calyx Vice President of Engineering Stephen Tait. “We see the CTMS continuing to be a really important player within that trial operation section. But we see the data that contains, and the workflows and the information within, being used in all those other parts of the clinical process in ways that we as the supplier of the CTMS system cannot even imagine.”

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Serena Barker, Vice President, eClinical Operations 

Stephen Tait, Vice President, Engineering

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